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CDMA Signal Booster

CDMA Signal Booster Dealer

Mobile Network Booster is a renowned CDMA Signal Booster dealer based in Delhi offers 3G / CDMA Mobile Phone Signal Booster at their store at affordable prices.

Role of CDMA - CDMA multiplexes different signals or enables numerous signals to be transmitted and received through a single transmission channel. Ever since its beginning and first usage, it has established to give better voice and data communication than any other mobile technologies used for commercial purposes. It is used as the chief raised area for many 3G technologies.

Originally, this technology was developed for military purpose during the Second World War. It offers an increased voice capacity, higher data throughput, increased battery life and synchronization. CDMA uses a spread-spectrum technology and a particular coding system which provide mobile phones a cutting edge in signal broadcast and reception.

Production Description:-Balaji Technologies are a well established repeater company, providing high quality units at great prices.The SI 35WB8C mobile booster/repeater kit is a high powered kit which operates on the 850MHz frequency,a frequency used by most cellular networks in India.The SI 35WB8C is a full mobile booster/repeater kit,including everything you need to improve your mobile phone signal over an area up to 800sq meter.

  • Network :All CDMA Indian Network
  • Warranty :12Months

Accessories :

  • Indoor Antenna
  • Outdoor Antenna
  • Wire-200/-per mtr
  • Signal Repeater
  • Coverage Area : 800-1000 sq/ft
  • Specification:-A signal booster are availabel here with full kits and you can find the
  • High gain Outdoor Donor Anteena.

This antenna is mounted outside and receives the mobile phone signal.The antenna is direction and so is designed to point toward the nearest mobile phone tower to receive the maximum signal possible.

Cellular Boosters/repeater With Dc Main Adopter:

The repeater is a high powered unit, featuring 85dB of gain on the uplink and 92dB gain on the downlink.It works on the 800MHz frequency, which covers most cellular providers in the world.

Indoor Antenna (8/10DB):

The indoor antenna rebroadcasts the boosted signal. Unlike the outdoor antenna,this one is omni/Patch directional,and so broadcasts signal equally in all directions. It is therefore designed to be placed in the center of where you wish to receive signal improvement.

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